Benefits of doing BBA (BBA Krna ka fayde)

what is BBA

 The full form of BBA is Bachelor of Business Administration, we can also do it private or regular, it is a course of 3 years, this is the course you can do only if you have passed Inter and 50% marks in Inter, then only you should do BV. You will get a chance if you want to have a wife and your intermediate is working with fifty percent, then you cannot get admission because it is very important to have 50% marks to have a baby, if you have 50% marks in your inter, then you can do any You can go to college and take your admission, BBA fees can be at least one to one and a half lakh for 1 year, if you do it from a government college, then your fees will be less if you do it from a private college then your fees are very high. will take
  1.  Finance
  2.  Human Resources
  3.  Marketing
  4.  International Business
  5.  Banking and Insurance
  6.  Information Technology
  7.  Communication and
    Media Management
  8.  Hespitality and Hotel Management
  9.  Hospital and Healthcare

 Benefits of doing BBA

 If you complete BBA course then you can do job in government sector and ITI industries.
 If you want to learn corporate activities, then you must do this course, in this you get to learn a lot.
 After doing BBA, those people who want to do MBA after BBA, because doing MBA your everything becomes double, your respect increases in all things, even doing MB gives respect.

 BBA karne ke bad job

 If you want to do a job after completing BBA, then there are many options and jobs for you, which I will tell you in detail. You can get jobs in both near you and apply for jobs in sales and marketing stores


 What to do after doing BBA

 There are many such students who complete BBA but they do not want to study BBA so that they can get more salary. If companies start to afroze, then you can take a decision looking at the condition of your house, your family members can teach, then you must do MBA, if you want to study after doing BBA and whatever you want to do. You can do it too, but you will have to work very hard to do both the things, so you have to take a thoughtful decision.

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