What is BCA, benefits of doing it

What is BCA?

 Nowadays, the interest of the student is more in the computer field, so many students want to go to the computer field after 12th, BCA is a very good course to go into the computer field, before taking admission in this, I want to tell you some things. There should be complete information about the course, after all what is this course, what is the work, what is it, after scoring the score, you should have complete information about it, it is studied in this way, after doing it, what kind of job can be done and good You can also get huge salary

 what is bca

 Let us know what is BCA, BCA is professional course, full form of BCA is Bachelor Om Computer Application which is an undergraduate degree course which is of full 3 years, this course can be done after passing twelfth. You are told or taught about computer applications and computer science related things, from a technical degree core, in this, the student is taught in the field of computer, in which going ahead can easily work in computer or IT sector. After doing the course, you will get the knowledge of computer languages ​​and you will get information about computer such as how software is made, how one can make software, as well as you can become a software engineer and whenever you want. Also after doing BCA, you can also do MCA course.

  What is taught in BCA

 Let me give you complete information about this, in this you are taught to design a website, are taught about computer networks, are taught about computer basic, computer programming language is also taught, talk of qualification in this, Twelfth Pass Some colleges also ask for sign Sahil for BCA from any subject or maths or computer science in twelfth and should have 40% marks in twelfth to do BCA

 BCA course study

 How to study BCA course, then I will give you complete information about it, if you read it completely then you have to pass outside first and get good marks. To do maths subject, some colleges ask for science subject but in some colleges art site can also fill BCA interest exam and clear it if you study BCA from a good college then you and trust for it You can fill the exam and after clearing it and take admission in your BCA, some colleges get admission without interest exam, so choose the college according to you.
 Complete BCA studies as soon as you get admission in college, after that you have to study BCA course for 3 years in college in which you are taught about computer basic networking website development problem programming language etc. in which there are total 6 semesters In which you have to submit in the last semester, which is very important, only after completing the project, BCA is completed.
 Apply for interest accomplishment, BCA degree is completed, then you try to apply for internship in computer film or IT sector after BCA, then it will give you the idea that this way works in the field of computer After that you can also do MCA or if you want you can do MCB after finishing DCA.

 Benefits of doing BCA

 The biggest advantage of doing BCA is that the salary in this field of computer is very high. If you work as a thresher in any good big company at the beginning, then you get a salary of 20 to ₹ 40000 in the beginning itself.
 After doing BCA you can do job in different sectors of any big IT company as per your choice like


  1.  Software Engineer
  2.  web developer
  3.  system administrator
  4.  Database management
  5.  Information management
  6.  software developer
  7.  computer programmer
  8.  Software Architect
  9.  project manager
 The biggest advantage of doin g BCA is that in this you get a chance to work with big companies in different areas of computer.

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